The mobile series robot Oculus, comes from the Oculus base of ParterX on Mars in 3016. As the second to none educational mobile robot, Oculus has more than just the revolutionary shape; it’s very suitable to the household market, which makes it the ace of the hole of Abilix for the household market.

Oculus 5

Cyclone Suction System

Compared to others vacuum cleaner in the market, Oculus can do more than cleaning.


Youngsters can give commands to the Oculus to help their mums to clean the room by designing a smarter program.

Cute Shape, Powerful Brain

24 Sensors, 27 Actuators

Voice Recognition | Face Recognition

It can understand and recognize you.

5 Programming Apps

Meet Oculus

Through this APP, users can know and get the hang of how to use the robot without following the User Guide, which conforms to the psychological characteristics of children and their mode of recognition.

Oculus Programming

With least programming blocks for the specific projects, kids can design their own programs without training. The programs they wrote can run online, and the program also can run automatically after being downloaded to the robot.

Abilix Chart

It’s a flowchart programming software. Kids can design and run complicated programs even without any programming background. The program also can run automatically after being downloaded to the robot, and to accomplish various projects and contest.

Abilix Scratch

It’s a graphical programming software. The commands and parameters of the program can be set by the brick-shaped icons. The codes for controlling the flying robot can be easily generated by dragging the icons to the editing area. Both tablet running and step execution is supported. The program also can run automatically after being downloaded to the robot.

Skill Creator

With Skill Creator, users can design the light effect, action sequence, and walking path, namely they also can tailor the mobile robot performance by themselves.


Oculus 5

Height: 36cm
Weight: 2.8kg
Built-in OS: Abilix Brain 1.0
24 Sensors: Temperature, Visual, Hearing, Touch, Ultrasonic, RI, Grayscale, Down-looking, Position, Power, Gyro, GPS, Compass
27 Actuators: 5 Motors, 19 LED, 2 Stereo Speakers, 1 Display Screen etc.
Battery: 2800mAh Li-ion Battery