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Oscillating fan

Six faces attachable; limitless innovation

Taking cubes as basic “point” components, beams as basic “line” components and slabs as “plane” components, this series is integrated with the geometry principle of point, line and plane.C series was made to offer the possibility to set up various models with minimum pieces for maximal use. Students can come to a deeper understanding of the theoretical background by setting up realistic, individual models through practical experience, during which their hands-on and creativity ability also can be motivated.

Wind-driven Seesaw

Mouth Open Beast

User Friendly Electronic Components

All electronic and mechanical components are modular design, the main components are integrated into the cube, which can realize three dimensional combination, do not need to use any screws or soft firmware can easily complete system set up.

High Performance Transmission Parts

With various structure parts, connectors, transmission parts, and actuators, the models can be more professionals, which leave more room for students to create.

Easy-to-use VJC Software

As a graphical programming software which is specially designed for educational robots, VJC software supports both standard flowchart and C language programming. The flowchart can be converted to C language automatically, which makes it a solid choice for classroom teaching.

Strong & Powerful Controller

With abundant interfaces, the output and input ends can be tested on the controller directly.

Dedicated lithium battery 8.4V 1500MAH; maximum discharge current: 6A; built-in protection circuit.

4 motor ports, which can control motors’ speed, rotation orientation; maximum current that single port supports: 2A

Download via cable; Storage space: 3.96M