How to delete the programs inside the Ccon102 controller?

The Ccon102 controller is like a mobile U disk. First, connect it to a computer. Next, open the “my computer”folder on the computer desktop. Finally, open the “removable disks” folder, and you will find the programs you want to delete. Delete the programs.

What is the right way to charge batteries?

First, remove the batteries from the controller. Next, connect the configurator and the batteries to charge the batteries separately.

How to tell whether a battery is fully charged?

There is an indicator on the charger. When the indicator shows red light, it indicates that charging is ongoing; whereas a green indicator indicates that the battery is fully charged. To ensure safe use, please do not exceed 12 hours for a single charge.

How many programs can the Ccon102 controller store?

The memory size of the controller is 3.96 MB. The size of a program is usually 150 kb – 500 kb. Therefore, a controller can store up to about 27 programs.

Can the Ccon102 controllers communicate with each other?


When a user uses the C language in VJC to do programming, can they convert the program directly into a flow diagram?

The program the user writes with the C language cannot be converted into a flow diagram. However, a flow diagram can be completely converted into a corresponding program written with the C language.

To which port should the H1-100 sensor be connected on the Ccon101 controller?

It should be connected to the Motor port.

How frequently should the H series battery be charged?

The battery used in the set is a lithium battery. It is recommended that the battery be charged once a month if it is not used for a long time.

Is the car required to always patrol the line in the game? May the non-line based approach be used to navigate the car?

Yes. You may use the “start motor” modulein the program. In this case, the car is navigated according to time rather than the navigation line.

Why there is no navigation line for the car?

The initial setup of the program is “collect from the environment”.

Will the reflection of the game map affect the navigation line for the car?

There is some impact but the normal navigation line is not affected because the luminosity of the gray sensor under the car is strong enough and navigation is primarily affected by the gray sensor.

What are the differences between the C202 game set and the C203 game set?

Both are game sets officially designated by the WER.


  1. The C202 game set has 2 closed-loop motors and 1 DC motor, whereas the C203 game set has 3 DC motors.
  2. The C202 game set uses a metal universal wheel, whereas the C203 game set uses a guide wheel.
  3. The batteries used in the controller of the C202 game set are rechargeable batteries, whereas the batteries used in the controller of the C203 game set are AA batteries.